Our Parish Mass Times

Saturday (Vigil) 6.00 pm

Sunday 7.00 am, 9.00am, 5.30pm.

Week Day Mass Times
Monday 6.30am
Tuesday 9.00am
Wednesday (6.15am Rosary) 6.30am
Friday 6.30am
Saturday (Rosary 7.15am) 7.30am
1st Friday of the Month - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament : 7am to 12 noon
Last Tuesday of the Month - Healing Mass : 9am

Monthly Mass Celebrations
9.00am Mass—1st Sunday—Children’s Liturgy of the Word
5.30pm Mass—2nd Sunday—Youth Lead Mass
9.00am Mass—3rd Sunday—Family Mass (during school terms)
5.30pm Mass—4th Sunday—Youth Mass
(On occasion the week day Mass times and the Monthly Mass Celebrations dates vary, so please check the Parish Newsletter each week for any changes.)

4 Faheys Road East, Albany Creek